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We are a Community Interest Company located in Torbay Devon.

Hi. I'm Amy

My name is Amy Chadney and I am a Confidence Coach and director of FOUND, based in Torbay, SW Devon.

Founded In 2023

As a neurodiverse mother, creative and entrepreneur for over 25 years I draw on past experience and my love of constant learning. As a qualified coach I specialize in bringing calm to chaos, with lots of laughter in between!

I created FOUND in 2023 as a response to what I had lived with and had witnessed in the lives of the incredible women around me.

Tired of old, and continuous, internal voices that told me I wasn't good enough, or didn't know enough I decided to coach myself and implement all the learning I had done over the years.

Struggling to overcome anxiety and overwhelm, I used creativity to build up my resiliance, and took small steps to build my confidence. It was when I started to practice substituting old thought patterns for affirmations that I noticed the biggest change. I had been a coach for a few years at this point so I started to weave this practice into my coaching and offer it to my clients. It soon became a favourite tool for building confidence and empowerment. Clients were seeing big breakthroughs in areas they had only dreamed of one day changing.

Fast forward to 2023. I was shocked to both feel and see the toll that lockdown had taken on people, especailly women and children. We felt lost, and didn't know where to turn. That is when I had the idea to start FOUND.

Many had lost confidence and self-belief. According to the NHS, mental health had plummeted. The stats for young girls alone was utterly heart breaking to read. I realsied that by combining my coaching training, what I had learned & implemented for myself, creativity and years of business mentoring I could provide an offering that grew confidence, clarity and connection for busy, creative women who ran thier own heart-led businesses in Devon.

With profits rasied I would invest back into the Torbay community through Confidence Clubs for young girls and women.

Confidence & Creativity

I believe that creativity plays a vital role in good mental health. I happily share all that I know about the healing power of creativity with anyone who wants to access it.

In my own life I cultivate a creative practice as a tool to build my own confidence and quieten anxiety. As a lifelong artist this is how I experience the world and navigate all that it has to offer.

It all comes down to going back to what makes us feel truly alive and connected to our own hearts.

Creativity and play come hand in hand. When we rest, play and get creative (either with our hands or in our thoughts) we create new neural pathways that can lead to improved well being, confidence and empowerment. This creates ripples in our own lives, our familes and out into the communities we live in.

Is creativity for everyone? Is creativity important? Absolutely - it is the fuel that fires up transformation. Whether it is achieved through art, sound, dance, word or thought: creativity empowers change.


Through coaching, mentoring and workshops I share how to overcome setbacks, access creative thinking and solutions. empowering thought-leaders and inspiring busy, creative women on their journey to cultivate their own heart-led businesses
Devon, UK


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