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Becoming your confident self

Where lasting change begins!

Are you a woman seeking a nurturing community to boost your confidence and ignite positive change in your life? Look no further!

🌟 EmpowerHER is a dynamic coaching group in southwest Devon, passionately led by creative coaches dedicated to unlocking your full potential.

💪 We believe that self-confidence is the key to change. Join our safe space, where women unite to develop tools for growth, access creative thinking, and form meaningful connections.

🌈 Experience a transformative blend of coaching, mentorship, and community support to thrive personally and professionally.

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Be part of a community where confidence blossoms, and women uplift each other to shape a future where brilliance knows no bounds. 
When confident women lead, extraordinary transformations happen!

About the Coaches

EmpowerHer is a female led collaboration dedicated to coaching and mentoring women in how to become their most confident self.
When first coming up with the idea Amy and Jo both declared “this has to be about what we wish we knew when we were younger!” We believe that EmpowerHER delivers this - and so much more.

Our mission is to make a difference to women by inspiring them and supporting them to have the confidence levels they have always dreamed of - so that they can do the things they dream of doing!

Through our own training and lived experience we deliver tried and tested tools and strategies for creating long lasting change and empowerment.

As Founders, Creators, employees, partners & M/Others we know that it's easy to lose your sense of self in the details of life.

EmpowerHER gives you space to reconnect, listen to your inner wisdom and to start living intentionally.
Jo Ellicott
Amy Chadney

Join us on this inspiring journey where you'll:

Unleash your creative thinking brilliance
Build confidence skills
Achieve your goals
Actively choose your thoughts
Build a supportive network
Picture a community where diverse talents converge, sparking creativity and fostering a supportive network.
Elevate your aspirations with EmpowerHER – because confident women lead extraordinary transformations!

About the program

EmpowerHER is a program dedicated to coaching women in the world's most sought-after personality trait – CONFIDENCE!

🔍 Research shows women often apply for promotions only when meeting 100% of requirements, while men apply at 60%. Confidence is crucial for well-being and happiness, yet it remains elusive for many women.

🌞 EmpowerHER Coaching: Transform in 8 sessions over a few months – implement change, build relationships within a supportive timeframe.


Before I stepped up to my current role at Leap, I was looking for a mentor to support my professional and personal development to feel confident in making the step forward. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been introduced to Jo who was the most fantastic mentor and coach and made an instant and lasting positive impression on my approaches to work and to life!

I didn't really know what to expect from the sessions and Jo guided me through in a calm, reassuring, experienced way. I left every session feeling I understood more about what strategies work for me, and where to put focus to support growth in my work and personal life.

Jo is a wonderfully warm person who I greatly respect and hope to stay in touch with.          
Helen Johnston
Client Services Director, Leap
Amy really listened to my struggles and what blocks I had. She was able to guide me to the answers I was looking for, put me back on my 'Entrepreneurial path', and made me believe in myself again. She made me accountable for my actions and gave me praise for my achievements.
Rachel MacKay
Working with Amy has been both a transformational and empowering experience and this has helped me with both my small creative business and my everyday life.
Mrs Bertimus
I met Jo through Kerning The Gap, an organisation set up to help women in careers within the design industry. Across a course of around 9 months we met regularly, and Jo was the most personable and energising mentor I could have been paired with.

She was open, straight-talking, engaged and engaging, and through sharing experiences from her own impressive career was able to give me some real tools to help me progress in my role at director level.

Despite now living at opposite ends of the country, we are still in touch, and I can honestly say that without Jo’s mentor-(and friend)-ship, I would not be as confident in myself, and as a woman, as I have been able to grow into.

I would not hesitate to recommend her as a mentor, colleague, and general all-round great person to have in any situation
Lucy Harmer
Creative and Executive Director, Bond and Coyne
Amy Was An Excellent Coach Because I Felt Heard, Seen And Valued In A Space That I Had Initially Found Slightly Daunting.
Anna Ryan
Songwriter & musician
Amy Helped Me To Focus My Thoughts Which Are Usually Like A Swarm Of Crazed Bees. The Calming Presence Of Amy, Even Through Zoom, Made For Such A Positive Experience
Tracy Clarke

Upcoming Sessions 🗓

FREE Taster
Jan 25th, 9:45-12:45 (Torquay Enterprise Centre)

FREE Taster

Feb 22nd, Exeter (Location TBA)

6 Session Series ⚡️
Starts at the end of April 2024

Free taster sessions include:

- 2024 vision board experience
- Techniques to "capture" negative thoughts
- Confidence building exercises
- Initiate your journey of self-belief and empowerment

🎤 Delivered by coaches:
Amy Chadney and Jo Ellicott

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Be part of a community where confidence blossoms, and women uplift each other to shape a future where brilliance knows no bounds. 
When confident women lead, extraordinary transformations happen!

Jo Ellicott

Jo Ellicott Coaching
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Amy Chadney

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Devon, UK


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