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How to Recover from Burnout: 9 Ways to Energize with Creativity

It is time for a bit of a boost! I know that I love to face a new challenge fresh and full of creative thoughts. How about you? Creativity is vitally important to me and the way I live my life.

So, are you feeling a bit flat or burned out?

Or maybe you or just plain worn out with all of the planning, organizing, cleaning, anticipation, cooking, eating, singing, entertaining, parenting and general maintaining? (Count me in.)

So instead of becoming one with my sofa – though it is a very lovely hot pink sofa that I hold quite an affinity with – I have leapt up and collected a few ideas to help you feel energized and eager to approach the new decade with creativity and colour!

If you have a career that requires creativity or you’ve ever needed a creative solution to a problem, you’re aware of how challenging it can be to be creative on command.

Creativity seems to come and go with little rhyme or reason.

Have you ever wished you could proactively boost your creativity? Well, I am here to tell you that you can!

Like any other skill, the ability to increase your creativity gets better with practice and experience. Get started today and you’ll find yourself being more creative in the future.

Maybe you have been looking for a challenge to sink your teeth into this year, maybe you’ve been stuck in a rut, or maybe it’s simply time for something new.

Follow these ideas below, make up your own, stand on your head and blow bubbles – I don’t mind, but whatever it is we’d love to see what you are up too! Take a pic and use #freemycreativity so that we can like and comment on your pic.

9 Ways to Energize your Creativity:

These strategies will encourage your creativity to blossom:

  • Work in a new environment. It’s amazing how much a change of scenery can help!Try working in the library or a coffee shop. Rearrange your office and change the view. When you do the same things in the same place, you’ll tend to think the same thoughts.
  • Turn off your autopilot and expose your senses to new stimuli.Sometimes we get stuck in the same routine, go to the same places and see the same things. Jump on a train, get in a car, go for a walk and take a route you don’t usually go.Our perspectives can only be shifted if we position ourselves differently. We don’t expect to be able to see a mountain top view from the valley, do we? The same goes for situations in our own lives. Go out. Explore. Expose yourself to new places and people.
  • Pretend you’re helping someone else find solutions.Many people find that they have more creative ideas when helping others solve their challenges. So have a think, write it down, then stop pretending and start doing.My bestie and I learned this a while ago. It really works. Sometimes we are our own worst critics and can get in our own way. You wouldn’t do that to a friend so don’t do it to yourself. Become your own biggest fan! Depersonalizing the issue seems to free up a part of the mind that’s otherwise stifled.
  • Brainstorm in pairs.Have you ever noticed that you and a friend or coworker find more creative ideas between the two of you rather than when brainstorming in a group (or alone)? Sometimes, when a large group brainstorms, the group members can lack a sense of accountability. It’s too easy to be passive.Breakaway from the group and pair up with just one other person. Or give an inspiring friend a call and arrange a meetup. Be brave and share where you are at with your creativity. If they know you well then they are sure to know what ignites you and can remind you of something you’ve loved in the past, or suggest a new direction and maybe even a collaboration.
  • Try being creative at a different time of the day.If you normally write in the morning, try the evening. Try staying up extra late or getting up extra early for a change. If you’ve been feeling stuck at 9 AM for a while, it’s time try a different hour of the day. Set your alarm clock for 3 AM and force yourself to work for 20 minutes. Have you heard of morning pages or fluid writing? It is a way to honour your subconscious thought and ignore your inner critic. Upon waking, pick up a pen and paper that is beside your bed (or a journal) and just write with no plan or intent as to what or where your writing is going. This act of freedom is very powerful and can quite often release you from a creative block.
  • Try some music.Few things can change your mood and get those creative juices flowing faster than a great song. Try different types of music and see what works. Avoid sticking to only your favorites.Branch out and listen to something new. Ask friends and family or your online community for new suggestions. If you are a visual artist try creating to music that is new to you. Turn it up loud and let it carry you to new places.
  • Meditate.Meditation is a useful tool for giving your mind a well-needed break. You’ll find your thoughts start to become re-energized. Simple and elegant solutions frequently reveal themselves after a short period of meditation.
    • Meditation requires a little practice, but it’s easier to learn than you may think. Meditate on your challenges and be open to the thoughts that arise. There are wonderful meditation apps available now. Try downloading Calm or 10% Happier as helpful aids to get you started.
  • Stay hydrated.Get a drink of water! Your body is mostly water. Even a small degree of dehydration causes all sorts of biological processes to go haywire. If you’re feeling stuck, take a minute to drink a large glass of water.Remember to drink throughout the day and the evening. I often think that a lot of problems are solved at the bottom of a large glass of water and will oft shout it out to grumbling children by way of a loving parental cure.
  • Go outside. Try getting outside for a little exercise. The late John Denver frequently commented that all of his best songs were written immediately after an exhilarating, outdoor activity.He frequently skied, drove racecars, and flew experimental airplanes. How’s that for a creativity boost?! (though that collection of words “experimental airplanes” kinda terrifies me!)

Creativity doesn’t automatically happen on command. There are times when creativity is needed, but it’s nowhere to be found.

Add these tips to your creativity pool the next time you’re feeling uninspired. If one strategy fails to yield the results you desire, try another.

With practice, you can learn to unleash your creativity on demand.

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